Worldwide Locations

We have a number of partner locations in Spain, Germany, Portugal and the U.K. Each location can accommodate up to 25 people in a shared living complex. We also work with locations that support technical teams by providing whiteboards, presentation spaces, desks, leisure spaces and more.

We have partnerships with luxury villas in north and southern Spain. Location varies based on shared or ensuite living. All locations have a pool and workshop areas and idyllic surroundings for a peaceful retreat.

Located in Berlin, we can provide hotel accommodation and provide workshop spaces in a nearby co-working space. There's also opportunities for city tours and leisure activities. 

We have multiple locations in Portugal close to Lisbon. Retreats can take place either close to the beach or in the forest. Shared or ensuite accommodation is available for both.

Set in the rural countryside, our retreat in the U.K is in a country manor and has access to beautiful grounds, common areas, workshop spaces and an indoor pool.

In the south of France, we offer a beautiful stone cottage that can accommodate up to 20 people in a shared living complex. Access to an outdoor pool, common areas and workshop shop spaces are available.

Coming soon. For immediate requests, please contact us.

Discover all our offerings

Talk to one of our sales representatives to learn more about all our locations. We can provide you with full details and work out what is the best option based on your team requirements and budget.

Engineering retreats for agile teams

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